The path to lower energy bills starts with a top to bottom evaluation of your home. NeighborWorks® Rochester Energy Services conducts home energy assessments, often for free, throughout Monroe County. New York State’s Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star Free Home Energy Assessment Program gives home owners access to a free or reduced cost home energy assessment. You will receive a full report on your home, including cost-benefit analysis, any safety or health concerns, along with solutions tailored specifically to your home.

    Your energy assessment, done by our BPI-certified technicians, includes:

  • Checking for natural gas leaks
  • Scanning to see where your home needs more insulation
  • Evaluating the performance of your furnace
  • Testing for drafty windows and doors
  • Showing you how to make simple changes in your home and your lifestyle to help reduce the amount of energy you use
  • Measuring the energy efficiency of your appliances

Questions? Contact us or call us at (585) 325-4170. Or view the APPLICATION FORM now.

Margie Campaigne,  Rochester

“I had an audit done and had almost all the recommended work done, including new ENERGY STAR appliances. Over the following year, I kept track and my gas bill went down 25%, and my electric bill down a whopping 44%! That adds up to a lot of money saved!”


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