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Improving the energy efficiency of your home is a smart investment. Through NeighborWorks® Rochester Energy Services you can access a range of residential programs designed to help New York State residents. We’ll help you identify areas where your home is driving up energy costs and provide assistance in completing energy efficiency improvements for a healthier, more comfortable home.

It starts with a home energy assessment, conducted by our BPI certified Energy Technicians, which gives you a top-to bottom look at where your home is wasting energy. You receive a detailed list of recommended improvements that can include everything from added insulation and energy efficient lighting to a high-efficiency heating system and ENERGY STAR® certified appliances.

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to help you make your best decisions and to help you find the resources you need.

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Incentive Programs

EmPower New York

EmPower New York (ENY) provides no-cost energy efficiency solutions to income-eligible residents. Without spending a dime,
you may be able to save! We can assess if your home would benefit from free energy upgrades such as:

  • Air sealing to plug leaks and reduce drafts
  • Insulation to make your home more comfortable all year round
  • Replacement of inefficient refrigerators and freezers
  • New energy-efficient lighting
  • Free health and safety checks of your smoke detectors


Assisted Home Performance (AHP)

AHP with ENERGY STAR provides income-eligible homeowners with an Assisted Subsidy up to 50% of approved energy upgrades (up to $5,000), which can result in substantial savings.

In addition, NeighborWorks® Rochester Loan Services can provide low-interest financing to cover the balance of any such project. You may find that the monthly energy savings can offset a large portion of your costs and is well-worth the investment in your home.


Your energy efficient upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive to make your home more comfortable. And you could save money in your house.

You may also want to apply for an Energy Saver Loan through NeighborWorks® Rochester Loan Services. We can help you finance the purchase of a new furnace, insulation, and hot water heaters.


It all starts with a home Energy Assessment

Tax Credits

Homeowners may qualify for tax credits equal to 10% of the cost (up to a $150 limit) for installing a qualified heating unit.

You may also qualify for a tax credit equal to 10% of the cost (up to a $300 limit) for installing a high efficiency heat pump or water heater. The first step to energy conservation and cost savings is having a home energy assessment.

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*Households with an annual income of less than $137,000 qualify for an energy assessment at no cost.