Do you need to fix your home?

At NeighborWorks Rochester, we’re here to help you make improvements or repair your home. Our lending staff will help determine your eligibility for our financing and, possibly, a grant to assist you.

What type of work can be done?

Whether you need to replace your roof, fix structural issues, or make health and safety improvements, we’ll work with you to find solutions. Generally, repairs will be those that improve the health and safety of your home.

Who Qualifies?

Generally, homeowners in Monroe County with a total household income at or below 80% of Area Medium Income, with reasonable credit, and who have the ability to repay a loan.

We currently only have our Loan + Grant Program available. 

The Loan + Grant Program

In order to qualify for a Loan + Grant, we’ll need to take a look at your credit, income, debts, current/past employment and improvements requested, among other things. Our process includes verification of your eligibility for the loan AND the grant portion, so we will need to gather information from you to get started. The Intake Form will provide us with the information we need to start your process.

You’ll need to have sufficient income for the credit requested and a reasonable credit score.

All grant work includes our Construction Management Services, which ensures that you are satisfied with the work that is being done and will have access to someone who can  answer any construction-related questions along the way.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding our programs or processes. You can also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

How It Works

If you qualify, and are the owner and occupant of your 1-4 unit home, NeighborWorks Rochester’s Home Improvement Loan + Grant can help you make repairs to your roof, windows, siding, electrical, and more. All grants are paired with a loan.

  • No stand-alone grant
  • The grant will reduce the amount of the loan needed – it may cover up to 45% of the approved work to be done on your home.
  • You must be approved for a loan with NeighborWorks Rochester Loan Services
  • You must income qualify for the grant
  • Work being done must be grant-eligible. The grant program is for rehab/repair ONLY, not remodeling.
  • Lead Assessment/remediation must be performed
  • Construction Management is required for grant assistance


Next Steps

To get started  contact us , call us at 585-325-4170 or stop into our offices at 570 South Ave., Rochester. We’ll provide you with the Intake Form and answer any additional questions.