Our Neighborhoods

How We Help

Community Initiatives works directly with residents and community stakeholders to improve neighborhoods through housing, community building, and place making strategies. The focus is on collaborations that blend resources and expertise to improve collective impact.

Healthy Blocks

Healthy Blocks is a neighborhood strengthening initiative that targets transitional weak-market neighborhoods over a 5-year period. Focusing on improving physical conditions, resident engagement and neighborhood image, Healthy Blocks stabilizes the housing market and improves the quality of life for residents living in the neighborhoods we target.

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Our Initiatives

Green Neighborhoods

Improving household energy efficiency and increasing solar use is good for the homeowner and the community. We believe that energy equity is an important component to maintaining healthy, vibrant and green friendly neighborhoods.

Community Trends

Tracking social, economic and housing market trends helps to inform our work. Our community building efforts and experience, combined with our data driven approach to innovation and impact evaluation, uniquely informs our programmatic approach, as we work to improve housing and neighborhood conditions.

Health & Housing

We understand the importance of health as it relates to housing - the social determinants of health play in a neighborhood’s quality of life. We work to advance Healthy Homes conditions in Rochester, as well as to improving social connectedness and community well-being through NeighborWorks Rochester’s many housing resources and community building/place making efforts.

Community Collaborations

We are an active participant in many community-wide efforts, including:

Rochester’s Invest Health Team
Rochester Safe and Efficient Housing Initiative
The Vacant Property Task Force
City of Rochester’s Climate Change Task Force
ROC City Housing Committee
Play Best Action Team
Connected Communities Housing Committee

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