Healthy Blocks

The Healthy Blocks neighborhood initiative builds on the strength of Rochester's neighborhoods by targeting one which is in transition. We stimulate changes that restore and sustain neighborhood pride and confidence by working with residents, landlords, tenants, and merchants to focus on:
• Restoring confidence
• Encouraging reinvestment
•Raising housing values
• Strengthening civic involvement

The current focus area for the next five years is "The Triangle" neighborhood, which consists of 1222 households.

Current Neighborhood

The Triangle

The Triangle neighborhood is the area within Culver Road, Merchants Road, East Main Street and Winton Road. Over the next several years the Healthy Blocks Initiative of NeighborWorks® Rochester will be working with residents, local businesses and other community organizations to strengthen and showcase the neighborhood.

Triangle Artistic Bike Rack Project

Calling Rochester Artists! We are seeking proposals for a qualified Artist to create a bike rack. Our objective is to select an artist that fully meets the requirements identified in the Request for Art. The deadline to submit the application and supporting materials is Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Click here to view the Request for Art.

Legacy Neighborhoods

While no longer directly working in these communities, all Healthy Blocks legacy neighborhoods continue receiving special interest rates on home improvement loans from NeighborWorks® Rochester. Plus, we are always just a phone call away for advice and guidance on neighborhood issues.

The Pocket is located in the Southeast part of the City of Rochester, between East Main St and Atlantic Ave, in North Winton Village.

Brooks Landing is located in the Southwest part of the City of Rochester, between Genesee and Brooks Ave, in the 19th Ward and Plex neighborhoods.

Swillburg is located in the Southeast part of the City of Rochester, near the Upper Monroe Neighborhood.

Available Resources

Affordable Solar Program

Everyone should have access to clean affordable electricity. We have partnered with GRID Alternatives to offer money-saving solar electricity systems for qualifying low-income homeowners at little to no cost.

• Currently own and reside in your home
• Meet the income limits for Monroe County and your household size
• Home must be solar appropriate i.e. minimal shading, roof in goof condition etc. (GRID Alternatives will determine liability)

This is a limited offer so contact Eric Van Dusen today at

Home Improvement Loan

We are offering a special Home Improvement Loan opportunity to Triangle residents.

This loan include:
• 3% fixed interest rate
• Flexible underwriting
• Term up to 15 years
• No income guidelines
• Waived $50 application fee

To qualify you must own and reside in your home located in the Triangle neighborhood.

Home Energy Assessment

The path to lower energy bills starts with a complete evaluation of your home. NeighborWorks® Rochester Energy Services conducts home energy assessments throughout Monroe County, usually at no cost to the homeowner.*

Triangle residents who have a home energy assessment from NeighborWorks® Rochester will get a free energy kit!

During the home energy assessment we:
• Check for natural gas leaks.
• Scan to see where your home needs more insulation.
• Evaluate the performance of your furnace.
• Test for drafty windows and doors.
• Measure the energy efficiency of your appliances.
• We share tips on how to make your home more comfortable without breaking your budget and without trying to sell you something in the process. We offer honest, unbiased help.

*Households with an annual income of less than $137,000 qualify for an energy assessment at no cost.


Are you interested in working with your neighbors to help build community? Healthy Blocks is currently seeking interested volunteers in the Triangle. We have various Action Teams as well as volunteer opportunities for specific events or serving as a Street Representative.

If you are not a resident of the Triangle, there may be other special opportunities for you. Event support and photography are often needed.